Once Upon A Time … STREET GAMES

We are very happy to collaborate with Rachana Elisa Quaglini and Grow with Joy in the school of Life in Giocamente.

Photographed here as Uncle Peppinella

Sunday morning:

“Once upon a time … the GAMES ON THE STREET” Installation of different games and active proposals for all ages (mazes, target shooting, pinball, sand, origami …)

Friday: ” Rigiring, the eagle’s point of view: questions and problems as mysteries to have fun with “. Experiential laboratory. We will mix intention, creativity and paradox together to facilitate variations of the point of view and a fun step in the “New”.

Rachana: Since 2000, thanks to juggling and then to the size of the clown, I have discovered a new perspective on life, a playful and joyful perspective. This has given me confidence and the clown and juggling have become for me a key with which to explore and sublimate experiences, channel and share creativity and joie de vivre. So I rediscovered, by becoming aware of it, what we spontaneously do as children: the possibility of facing difficulties and suffering by transferring them to the creative level of the game, and transforming them, thanks to the detachment that takes place in the playful setting, into a new source of energy, release and shareable.



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