Stephan Marchant

Playful facilitator

Leuven, Belgium

Stephan Marchant is a creative innovator with a passion for people, movement and playfulness. He likes to move people, both literally and figuratively speaking. On the one hand, this is reflected in his career in Human Resources, which he has mainly expanded in areas such as organizational culture, learning & development and artistic interventions. On the other hand, he has been active for years as a facilitator of creative processes and dance & movement therapist within his own practice Move2Create where he uses dance & movement for human growth and connection.

Deep within him lives an explorer, naturally curious about what is (still) possible, what can be done differently and what is innovative. By exploring unknown environments and looking for new experiences, he comes to original ideas, insights and inspiration that he likes to bring into reality by doing projects together with others. He gets into flow when, in an environment of trust, he can make a (creative) contribution to a larger cause from his own strengths. He is also at his best when he can inspire and enthuse people so that they can take the next step themselves. He likes to surf on the existing vibe and then to give input from his own perspective & personal expertise.

Words that characterize him: fountain of ideas, growth engine, new-freak, strength architect, sense seeker and conscious mover.

Play is as vital to me as oxygen: it keeps me alive, fresh & ready.

Two truths and a lie about Stephan:

Stephan started dancing at 18 years old. He loves camping. He studied anthropology.
6aug18_2 - Stephan Marchant