Roberto Pombo

play performer

Roberto Pombo is a Johannesburg based theatre-maker, educator and performer.

He holds an MA in Theatre and Performance from Wits University and attended the prestigious three year performance program at The Helikos International School of Theatre Creation in Italy under the direction of world-renown theatre master, Giovanni Fusetti. His passion for theatre and performance is strongly routed in the world of the clown, bouffon and the grotesque.

Playing makes me laugh! Laughing makes me BREATH! Breathing makes me feel good. Feeling good makes me better to be around. Being better to be around makes people who are awesome attracted to me. When people who are awesome are attracted to me, I feel awesome. When I feel awesome, I do fun things. When I do fun things, I experience more of life. When I experience more of life, I am less on my mobile phone or computer. When I am less on my mobile phone or computer, I feel GREAT. When I feel great, I sing. When I sing, I dance. When I dance, I play! When I play, I laugh. When I laugh I BREATH….(Look at that, a beautiful circle of amazingness).

Two truths and a lie about Roberto:
He enjoys dancing, singing and playing the fool. He doesn’t enjoy coriander, pollution and bigotry.

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