Jeanne Cadwallader, Leslie Frazier, Kathy Lubbers

Playful Practice, Jeanne Cadwallader, Leslie Frazier, Kathy Lubbers, USA

We believe life without play and a playful outlook is life without living.

PLAYFULNESS is critical for adults and like anything it takes practice. Play & Playfulness are vital for The Human Spirit, Quality of Life, Creativity, Self-expression, Mental Health, Community and Less Isolation.

Leslie is Associate Professor of Psychology and the Director of Graduate Studies in the Department of Psychology at Florida International University. .She is the Principal Investigator for the emerging and comprehensive research Project “The Practice of Playfulness and its Impact on Adult Well-being”.

Her larger research program looks at how people cope with life stressors, chronic illness, and well-being. Two truths and a lie: Leslie is a crazy cat lady, was born on leap day, so technically she’s 14 years old, and she swam with black tipped reef sharks. Kathy is a strategic Leadership Consultant, Coach, and a CEO.

Jeanne is a Strategic Advisor and Independent Consultant to new media companies. Both are Co-Investigators on the Practice Playfulness Research Project and Co-Founders of Practice Playfulness. Two truths and a lie: Kathy loves taking photographs, she has a pet stuffed Cuy from Ecuador named Little Willie who has an Instagram account but her favorite pet is a beta fish.

Two truths and a lie: One summer Jeanne lived in Wales in a commune where she slept in a circus tent, she accidentally got onto Donald Trump’s private elevator (with him) to his penthouse, and she hopes pastafarians one day rule the world. We are building out additional initiatives to inspire and invite others to Practice Playfulness.

Engaging with the the Giocosamente Festival event is our initial adventure in sharing our research outside of the academic arena and internationally.


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