Antonio Gualtieri

play artist

Varese, Italy

My name is Antonio,

And I LOVE TO PLAY! Anything! Even if there is not a game to play.. still i play! With friends, with people I don’t know, and alone… there was a time i was convinced that this attitude that i feel inside was something wrong cause adult persons can’t play much, they need to be serious, work, blablabla… luckily that period was short and went away!
I have to be honest, like anybody i have some harder moments, and i realize I’m living something strange when i have no interest on having fun, smiling… i find my self just walking without curiosity… then my bad moment go away and the first thing i want to do is to have fun! To laugh and play like always and i say my self, i really missed this!
In life I’m a juggler, I do mostly street performance which is a nice and hard job, but something I like to try out anything there is out there, an example: in 45 minutes i have a job interview to become a real estate agent, which I often thing is one of the most boring jobs a person can have, but, I want to try it out, and I’m sure that at the end I will enjoy this new experience! (If they hire me).
So, what you do is very important but how you do is more important!
P.s. imagining me with my  elegant performing costume trying to sell a house… do you thing somebody can take me seriously!?!? I really don’t mind, just enjoy!

Play makes life more fun and joyful!

Two truths and a lie about Antonio:
I love to eat nice food! Wash the dishes and have a little nap after that!
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