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      Please present yourself here below.

      Where do you come from, what is playfulness for you, what you are interested in… what’s your favourite icecream?
      Why are you here?

      Enjoy the festival!

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      Katherine Smith

      Hello! I am from London, playfulness for me is an attitude, a way of being… my favourite ice-cream is pistachio (I love the bright green and I love the flavour!). I am excited to be in the festival with you all!

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      Greta Aliprandi

      I’m from Brianza (Italy), playfulness for me is brightness for everyday life, I’m interested in a huge amount of things!
      My favourite icecream is… tough choice XD… dark chocolate with cocoa beans pieces.
      I’m here to reinforce my playful behaviour through sharing it with a lot of awesome people from all over the world =) And very excited! 😉

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      Liza Penn-Thomas

      Hello Folks. I’m from Swansea in Wales, UK. I’ve adopted playfulness as a way of being in the world. It is unapologetic and allows me to express who I am. My mission is to convince others – in my university and in my life – that playfulness isn’t just for a certain type of person or an age or a job. Playfulness connects us to ourselves – holistically – and to others. I’d like to know more about how all sorts of playfulness can have therapeutic benefits for adults and how play can be a spiritual act. I will be joining you on Saturday/Sunday as my Friday night is already booked up with a Pirate party – I have spent most of lockdown dressing up on Zoom calls! You can’t beat a Joe’s Vanilla Icecream with a 99 flake.

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      Ben Ross

      Hi everyone,

      Ben here, from London, UK. My spirit animal, the flying raccoon, told me to play, play, play. Which is why I am here. And because play is as important for thriving in life as breathing and eating is for surviving it.

      My favourite ice cream flavour is ironic revenge.

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      Christine Trahair

      Hi Everyone,
      Christine here from Cornwall. I’m very interested in seeing what the Playfulness festival is all about. My favourite ice cream is salted caramel.

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      Hi, Marie here – from Denmark
      I can’t say no to playfull activities! When being in these moments I can fully enjoy ans feel the presence. I’m curious if it will have the same impact being palyfull from at home.
      I think I will miss the breaks.
      And the hazelnut icecream….

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