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      Ben Ross

      Hi all,

      Where is this:
      16.00 cet (3 pm UK) Playfulness as an active meditation
      Saras Feijoo


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      Its lost? Or are we lost?

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      Kathryn Wilkins

      We must have lost the map on our holiday.

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      Stephan Marchant

      I contacted her on Facebook but no reply. Bart thought it got cancelled. 🙁

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      Natasha Blok

      I’ve asked her…

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      Natasha Blok

      That’s a shame – should I make a room where we just chat and someone cal lead a playful meditation?

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      Ben Ross

      We could all take this time to read this open letter by a leading charity for trans kids in the UK, explaining where JK Rowling went wrong.

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      Did you make a room @natasha? Would love a small group…

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      Hi Guys,

      Big apologies for yesterday. I did mention to Anthony that there was a possibility that I might not be able to make it. At the end, I was in a great deal of (physical) pain and was not able to get up from bed throughout the whole day. Was not able to do anything.

      To make it up for you, guys, I want to share this short visualization/meditation that is part of my e-course, The Playfulness Quest – 30 days to activate the fun energy within you.

      This is not an opt-in, so please listen to it and enjoy – no strings attached. IT would be lovely to hear if you enjoy, though.

      Thank you, all. It was very inspiring e-meeting you on Saturday.
      Let’s keep in touch,

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      Yes Saras did mention this to me earlier on the week and it just completely slipped my mind and I forgot to check in with her about it again.

      Thanks for sharing your seed of play Saras.

Viewing 9 reply threads
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