Meeting of creative playfulness
and spontaneous kindness.

Three days dedicated to exploring the value of Playfulness between people, from Italy, Europe and the World. Unique in its location, a lovely medieval village in the heart of Italy.
There are two streams to the festival:

3 days of workshops for people interested in playfulness in life, education and work place.
LET'S PLAY: For families, children and anyone curious to experience the beautiful playful atmosphere.

2nd Edition: “Playfulness, Heritage of Humanity!”

TOFFIA, 12-14 june 2020


Bringing people together from Italy and abroad to explore Playfulness, creating an atmosphere of light-heartedness, joy and fun among the participants and locals. Practice and explore together the importance of Playfulness. Share playful educational methods dedicated to children, teens and adults. Creation of a local Playfulness practice community.

A place to Re-discover Playfulness:

“As adults, we have almost stopped playing and rarely even attempt to cultivate an attitude of lightness. Children too who learn more easily through play and have always measured themselves against the world this way, play less and less or stop playing all together at a very early age.

We are overwhelmed by a mountain of seriousness, responsibility, commitments, expectations and pressures.

By rediscovering the collaborative game we allow one of the best parts of ourselves to express themselves. Drawing on the spirit of the game we open ourselves to the next, we are more generous, warmer and we focus on what unites us rather than on the differences.

Watch the video from last year below!

Giocosamente - a place to be yourself.

Past Editions: 2019

During the three days of the Festival, workshops, happenings and collaborative and creative games dedicated to adults, children and families animated the historic center of Toffia. It is no coincidence that the Playfully Festival took place in Toffia, which in 1998 was defined, with a municipal resolution, thanks to the then mayor Silvano Ferretti, ” the land of fantasy “. The Festival this year hosted 12 playful experts from the regionfrom Italy and abroad who offered various workshops for the participants and involved the children and the inhabitants of the village in an atmosphere of joy, play and fun. “We managed to create, with simplicity and great care, a beautiful atmosphere in the country, which was made a pedestrian area for the occasion, thus allowing people to play with more peace of mind”

It was a great emotion to see more than 50 children, to participate happily in the treasure hunt by the educational project “Semi nel Bosco” and to rediscover what is good for adults to return to play.”

“Then we had dinner together in joy in the square accompanied by a pleasant breeze. On Friday evening the dinner was offered by Farfarina , Toffia’s organic farm that cooked delicious local products, the dinner on Saturday evening by the Toffia proloco saw the participation of almost 300 people and Sunday lunch by the Mr. Giacomina and Lucia gave birth to a cheerful participation of the diners “concluded Anthony Trahair. During the Festival, every effort was made not to use disposable plastic plates and cups and people were invited to bring their water bottles from home.


This year we will not be playing in person, we are thinking of a meaningful online program of talks, games and inspiration to make a more beautiful and playful world. Please sign up to the mailing-list to keep up to date.

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