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People always remember how you make them feel! You could be part of making this festival the best event it could possibly be. We need creative materials, eco-toys and sponsors that are willing to donate materials. We have thought up various possibilities to showcase your activity that is in line with our values of sustainability, creativity, innovation and desire to make the world a more beautiful place. Please don’t hesitate to get in contact and brainstorm some ideas together!

giocosamentefestival (at) playfulife.org


It is taking care of the little big things of the World, of Nature and of the Individual.

Immersed in the green of the Meletao Valley , between the mountains and the Simbrivio river, inside the Simbruini Mountains Park, four days, from 30 July to 2 August 2022 , surrounded by the healing power of Nature , with Music, Dance, Art and many Workshop.

The Italian

Manifesto del Gioco

will be present at the Festival. In November 2021 the first 60 custodians were born and Giocosamente will be an opportunity for them to meet live after many virtual meetings.


Play factory

Playfactory diffonde la #culturadelgioco in tutte le sue forme.

Per creare una massa critica di persone consapevoli di quanto giocare sia fondamentale per il nostro benessere, nelle famiglie, come nelle istituzioni e nelle organizzazioni. Giocare è una variabile della Scienza della Felicità che migliora il mondo.
Fondato da Lucia Berdini nel 2018.