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Roberto Anselmi

Short layful Bio:

Cooperative Games.


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Why does the world need playfulness?

Playing can be a joyful and proactive way to educate for peace

Workshop on playfulness or proposed happenings in public or both?

Playfulness workshop


At Giocamente we are looking for various seminars that have a playful way of guiding them. They could be subjects that are often taught seriously but you have a playful approach. They may also be right for the joy of playing. You could have many ideas, choose something that tickles you and it’s playful for you!

Title of the proposal

Educating for Peace with Cooperative Games

Are you proposing a playful approach for children or adults?

For adults (educators and teachers)

Duration of the laboratory

90 mins

Short description

To educate for peace, the school can use recreational-motor activities, such as motor games, which are carried out in a cooperative and without competition form: the Cooperative Games. These adopt, convey and transmit words of peace.

Long description of the laboratory

In the field of education and animation it is possible to develop the hidden potential in moments of play. In fact, the game is always a learning tool. For this reason it is not indifferent what kind of games we offer to children.
The goal of cooperative games is to abolish the concept of competition understood as challenge and victory over others, favoring, without exception, the absence of conflict. Competition understood instead as the ability to test oneself and to challenge oneself, one’s limits and the environmental conditions in which we find ourselves are extremely positive and stimulating for personal growth.
With cooperative games we try to conceive and realize a mutual collaboration and a way of being together that maintains and enhances the originality of each person, his diversity, his creativity. The game thus becomes a means of communication that serves to create a socio-affective atmosphere in the group, facilitating a more creative and effective use of the resources available.