Stefano Passarella

Stefano Passarella

Short layful Bio:

Stefano Passarella. I’ve been playing since I remember, three-dimensional games, improvisation, theater, sports, board games. Over the years I have become an animator, clown therapist, clown therapy teacher, theater improviser, laughter yoga teacher and gio-coach (or game facilitator) and playfight facilitator.


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Why does the world need playfulness?

The game is pure life. The world needs imagination and lightness. Only play can give it

Workshop on playfulness or proposed happenings in public or both?

Playfulness Workshop


At Giocamente we are looking for various seminars that have a playful way of guiding them. They could be subjects that are often taught seriously but you have a playful approach. They may also be right for the joy of playing. You could have many ideas, choose something that tickles you and it’s playful for you!

Title of the proposal

Clown therapy: Instructions for use

Are you proposing a playful approach for children or adults?

Adults who want to go back to being children

Duration of the laboratory

90 mins

Short description

The clown is the smallest mask in the world. The happening could be an invitation to the laboratory with the use of paper airplanes: build your own airplane to find your own clown

Long description of the laboratory

A laboratory for those who are curious. A taste of the world of clown therapy. The clown is the most human mask that exists, it protects you, but it reveals you. The clown is above all a creator of worlds. This workshop will be an introduction to the art of the clown and clown therapy, or rather the human clown in relation to the other.
It will be an intense, delicate laboratory. The world needs lightness, the clown teaches us to contact our child world and bring it out with games of harmony, lightness, trust, presence.