Saras Feijoo

International Playfulness Festival – PlayfulFest, Edinburgh, UK

Saras Feijoo has been working on the field of playfulness for over 15 years. She has
trained in physical comedy theatre and has performed across Europe, South America and
North America.

Her search has always been how to integrate ‘being playful’ into our daily
lives. Her focus has been on creating theatre performances with playfulness at their core.
For many years, she has also been teaching and sharing tools on the art of being playful.

Saras also coaches empowering and highly-driven determined individuals to grow
confidence, joy and state of flow in their business and lives, helping them develop and
expand their business and clarify their life goals and objectives.

How does Play raise the Quality of your Life?
By lightening the heavy duties of my inner worries, bringing me back to the moment and enjoying deeply and exploring who I am!
Two truths and a lie about Saras:
Saras has lived in 5 countries. Saras used to meditate 6-16 hours a day. Saras speaks 4 languages.
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