Rikke Berggreen Paaskesen

play researcher

KUBO Robotics, Denmark

Rikke is Educational Manager at KUBO Robotics, Odense in Denmark. She reviews and develops educational material for students aged 4-10 years old, learning students to code, to think computationally literate and playful, and to act creatively from a STEAM approach using hand-hold technology.
Rikke is a former PlayFutures explorer, a research connected pilot study funded by the LEGO Foundation, where she has been researching and implementing play-based approaches using robot technology in an educational environment in Kenya.

Being a very reflective and academic engaged person, it is of huge importance to me to keep cultivating my own playful approach, -way of thinking and -way of implementing play in both my daily activities as well as in the content that I develop for children and teachers.

Two truths and a lie about Rikke:
Rikke likes mountain biking in the woods, she loves mussels from the sea, and she wanted to be educated as a helicopter pilot as a teenager.

Picture from Rikke - Rikke Paaskesen