Natasha Blok

play trainer

Tucantoo, London, UK

Natasha Blok: Play Pirate, Creator and Happiness Coach at toucantoo, started her career as a Mad Scientist with a passion for playing with food. She enjoys creating ways to cheerlead adults to experience child-like joy, of which play is an essential component. This has included: Happiness Tours with chocolate treasure through central London, ice cream scavenger trails, interactive community treasure hunts, board game tropical islands, adult den building, sensory adventures, virtual wonder wakeups, daily quests and even turning her wedding into a four day play festival complete with human hungry hippos, edible bubbles, silent disco charades and chilli con-carnevale.

Play is essential to enjoy life – without it I believe people become too serious, worried, bogged down in detail that doesn’t matter, think there is a right and a wrong and don’t want to experiment. Fear is the overriding emotion and we smile less. Watch children and see the joy in their faces and how easily they make things fun, and into games.

Two truths and a lie about Natasha:
Natasha never leaves the house without: a) her sparkly tiara b) daily themed earrings c) her furry purple handbag!

IMG_2164 - Natasha Blok