Greta Aliprandi

Play musician

Biassono, Italy

Hi! I’m Greta Aliprandi, 35.
I come from Brianza, in Italy.

I’ve always loved playing and laughing, I’m a lightness searcher and I try to be as much coloured as I can.
I believe in playfulness as a way to live life and relationships. =)

I’ve been a Social Educator for 11 years now, with a Pedagogy degree.
I play various “things” amongst instruments and objects and my own body =)
In the last few years I started working also as a Music Educator, realizing drum circles and musical workshops for any age.
I also love and frequent many other things: juggling, board (and live) games, cooking, reading, …

Play helps me facing the complexity of life and of relationships. I also believe playing allows smiling… and smiling allows people to move closer and to be peaceful and happy.

Two truths and a lie about Greta:
Greta started playing percussions in the car. She is said to have a cartoon face. She can manage different regional Italian accents in the same talk.


IMG-20190310-WA0015 - Greta Aliprandi