Beatrice Perri

creative professional

When I was 2 years old I received my first and favorite report card from the Stern Kindergarten in New York. Among other things it said: “plays well with others” and “uses imagination”. I still like that very much. My current linkedin profile starts like this:
I feel happy
. . when I provide a personal and creative contribution
. . . . empathizing in an open, diverse, collaborative and playful environment
. . . . . . learning, connecting, ideating, producing new synapses
. . . . . . . . wandering and wondering!

Play inspires me, it keeps me alive, curious, active, joyful, open to experimentation, discovery and surprise; it connects me to other people. When I play I feel I do good to myself and to the world.

Two truths and a lie about Beatrice:
I own a book called “Don’t read this book”. I’ve danced in the Israeli desert and flown on a balloon in Cappadocia. I’ve eaten ants in Brazil because they had a high concentration of antioxidants.

bea yellow - Beatrice Perri