Angela Halvorsen Bogo

story teller

Transformational Play, Oslo, Norway

A secret. When I was very young I decided to have an interesting life. When school became boring, I put all my energy into theatre, improvisation and play. So now I play for a living, either teaching, or storytelling or clowning or singing or consulting. The Fool Archetype has been a great companion helping me be curious about the unknown.

Play raises my energy, my faith in life, expands the number of people I call friends, puts my level of joy through the roof and generally makes me resilient. I think.

Two truths and a lie about Angela:
I have told stories on the Great Wall of China. I love to swim in cold water like the Oslo Fjord. My assistant is called Frederik and is a teddy bear of an unknown age.

HalvorsenBogo_Angela - Angela Halvorsen Bogo