Playful Walking Meditation and Self-Talk

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Hello and welcome to the Playful Walking meditation that I’ve put together for you!

With this guided playful meditation you can go on to a journey of lightheartedness, a journey of possibilities, of inviting more fun and joy into your life. Together we are going to create a ripple effect, so this is not just about you. It’s about US.

If you can, please do this playful walking meditation outdoors. If you can’t get out for any reason you can also walk indoors or even use your imagination while sitting or lying down with your eyes closed. 

Try listening to this everyday for 21 days and feel how you transform into a more emotionally intelligent and fun person in love with life.

Let’s begin! 

If you can stand up and let’s get those feet moving one in front of the other.

Walk as though you don’t have a care in the world. Feel your body loosening up slightly.

Keep your gaze straight ahead of you in the horizontal plane. 

If you look down while walking for too long could suggest you are in a sad state to the mind. Try it. Look down. How do you feel? Phone use gets us all humped over so break out of that pattern too.

Looking up too much, you could feel very proud. Try it. Look up while walking. How do you feel? 

Find a comfortable balance where you feel confident and open to the world. Connect to how you feel.

Bring your shoulders back gently and feel your chest relax and open.

Focus on our feet again.

With every step feel as though you kiss the ground. You can even say KISS KISS KISS. 

Slow your pace down a little and start to connect with your surroundings. 

Notice living things: people, animals, plants and minerals. Notice details: the play of light around you, the wind moving objects, bringing them to life, the sound of activity. Repeat with passion – I love life and life loves me!

Now walk a little faster not because you have to get anywhere quickly but because it feels great to move. Move with energy. If you come to a tree, circle around it. Take a different route or visit somewhere new. Feel like an extremely curious explorer. Notice things you have never seen before. Go beyond what you think you already know.

We’re now going to start smiling while we’re walking! 

Feel a small smile rise up through your body and allow it to open like a colourful flower on your face. Feel the corners of your mouth turn up. Relax your forehead, and while you are at it relax your shoulders too! 

Smile at plants, see the curious places some of them grow, smile at insects, birds even if you can just hear them, smile at cats and dogs, children…

Keep walking and when you’re ready go for a couple of skipping steps. This is our first action to step out of your comfort zone, the first time you do this, try it out on your own, or go for it if you accept the challenge! As the days go past, try it also in public. 

You will win smiles and contribute to spreading joy!

This is such an important step to creating community. If someone doesn’t smile back, you will have planted a seed.

“You smile easily and enjoy life. You see things around you that make you smile. You see them everywhere”.

Keep walking and noticing all the different uses for objects around you other than the purpose they were designed for. Play with your imagination like when you were four years old. What were you like a 4? What did you like to do?

Moving on now to some playful self talk.

Let these words wash over you, if there is one you particularly enjoy repeat it afterwards with intensity. Make it true for yourself.

“I love making others smile”.

 “I readily see the funny side to things and my sense of humour grows stronger every day and every way”.

“Laughing comes easily to me and makes me feel great”. 

“I enjoy life”.

“I try not being too hard on myself, instead I approach challenges with lightheartedness and humour”. 

“I can easily admit to being wrong and love the connection that comes from apologising”.

“Others enjoy my company and I know how to make other people feel good about themselves. I am comfortable being me with all my quirks and all”.  

“I embrace uncertainty and know I will be able to manage any situation that comes to me”.

“I give space for my inner child to come out and play”.

“I welcome new ideas and experiences with open arms”.

“I see “disturbances” by others as opportunities to interact and play. I love being surprised and I love to surprise others”.

“I dedicate time to doing what truly makes me come alive and have a playful mind. I find interest and curiosity even in the most trivial of chores”.

“I dedicate time to laughing for no apparent reason what-so-ever, 

I dance as though no one is watching. 

“I reclaim my playfulness and my life is richer for it in more ways”.

“I am playful and am constantly learning how to be more so”.

“Life is a big game; I commit to playing fully”.

“When I play I’m fully present and accept challenges that come my way”.

“I can do anything I put my mind to”.

I am playful, I am joyful and I love life!

Feel how you are now lighter, more in touch with yourself and notice how different you feel now. Fill yourself with a huge YES!

Explore with this audio each day for 21 days.

This is Anthony Trahair from PlayfuLife, Playfulness and Personal and Professional Growth

I’d love to hear how it went!

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