- Tina Nastasi

Lilia New Human World

Short layful Bio:

Geography teacher at the I.C. A. Balabanoff of Rome. For ten years it has been adopting the Uruguayan Ludopedagogía epistemetodology. He completed his training internship at the Campamentos Educativos of the Centro de investigación y capacitación en Ludopedagogía La Mancha and La Media Caña, as part of the national project of the Administration of Uruguayan Public Education. He has played in public events, workshops, courses and method training schools for adults and growing people. He conducted Ludestetica and Ludopedagogia Summer School techniques and workshops for teachers and educators on the relationships between education, innovation and creativity in the context of European projects. He developed new teaching strategies for middle school under the supervision of prof. Ariel Castelo, director of the La Mancha Center before and now of La Media Caña. She is with him co-author of the Manifesto of ludopedagic education.


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Why does the world need playfulness?

Playing is a universal satisfactor of the basic needs of the human being.

Workshop on playfulness or proposed happenings in public or both?



At Giocamente we are looking for various seminars that have a playful way of guiding them. They could be subjects that are often taught seriously but you have a playful approach. They may also be right for the joy of playing. You could have many ideas, choose something that tickles you and it’s playful for you!

Title of the proposal

The sound body

Are you proposing a playful approach for children or adults?

Proposal for people aged 16 to 106

Duration of the laboratory

90 mins

Short description

Immerse yourself in a playful bubble, in an indefinite space-time and find in another reality, an altered state of consciousness that allows us thanks to the game to discover something about us. A journey through the essential game, beyond ages and identities. A taste of Ludopedagogía.

Long description of the laboratory

“Utopia is there on the horizon. I walk two steps and she takes two steps. I walk 10 steps and the horizon runs 10 steps. So long as you walk I will never reach it. What is utopia for? It is for this: because I never stop walking. ” (Eduardo Galiano)
Ludopedagogy is a working method which sees play as the essential resource of a process aimed at transforming reality.
It is a way in which two dimensions meet: the playful and the pedagogical; the playful one is the dimension of fantasy, play and adventure, the pedagogical one is the dimension of knowledge and access to knowledge of subjective and objective reality.
Ludopedagogy offers a scenario, offers conditions for a certain type of actions and relationships to be generated, in a climate that seduces and attracts starting from pleasure, from the risk of adventure and from the uncertainty of the results as always happens when playing. The game is a real and concrete practice of knowledge of reality from another point of view.
A Ludopedagogy laboratory is: an opportunity to unlearn what does not help us understand, listen, change; a place where fantasy shines, imagination is a necessity, creativity a healthy imperative, conflict an opportunity to invent; a spark of time in which play can restore pleasure and joy with the power to generate and sprout the other possible world. The workshop is aimed at educator @ genitor @ teachers and in general to all people who are interested in deepening and exploring innovative relationship and education methods through play. During the meeting we will know and use some basic tools of the ludopedagogical method. Those who participate will actively contribute to the teaching / learning process throughout the entire journey.