Some proposals have a meeting, some are free in time and either have a video or are self explanatory, choose one (or two) if you like and explore your creativity and playfulness!

Hybrid End Session: 14.6.2020 16.00 cet (3pm UK)


Meeting ID: 727 7303 7417

Password: 2WjQcg

Check out the forum topic for more details:

Start time Saturday 10.00 CET (9 am UK) for guided sessions.

Meeting here at 10am!!!!!!
Meeting ID: 912 0072 1861
Password: 012345

Jessica Penrose Start time Saturday 10.00 CET (9 am UK)

Create & Connect: Together/Apart

This proposal encourages participants to create ephemeral works of ‘art’ (which don’t have to be artistic at all), where the fun is in the creation and collaboration.

We run a short session (maybe 30 mins) as a warm up, in which participants would be invited to gather simple, everyday items in their house (or wherever they are). Could be buttons, beans, paperclips etc. We will then do a creative activity together, on screen, using those items in some way, which they can show to each other if they wish.

Participants would then be given suggestions about other types of items to gather up, perhaps with a theme (looking for certain colours or textures), and given a task of something to create themselves on a bigger scale. It could be that they each create their own mythical beasts that will all inhabit the same shared virtual world. They could have perhaps an hour to do this, and then we would come back together and share and discuss. At the end, everyone would be encouraged to disassemble what they’ve made (to show that it is the process not the thing itself that matters). The emphasis throughout would be on having fun, trying things out and taking creative risks because it isn’t possible to ‘fail’ with this exercise – and also that it’s possible to be playful and creative with the most ordinary of things.


Kevin Davidson Start time Saturday 10.00 CET (9 am UK)

Hand puppets. Meet for a short hand warm up exercise session. Given a short playful design process to engage with. Then 15 mins to design your 1 minute show. Come back online and everyone shares who wants to.


Greta Aliprandi Start time Saturday 10.00 CET (9 am UK)

Body Music

We’ll make music with our bodies and the objects we find in our house/location.

Discover our musical creativity and put together our pieces of songs for creating something new.

No musical knowledge needed!

FIRST PART: we’ll play together, on video-meeting, letting our musical creativity go. (30/45′)

SECOND PART: we’ll explore our houses/bodies/locations and find old and new sounds. In this part each person/family will play offline. (30′)

THIRD PART: we’ll put together our sounds and play with them! Developing listening and imitation. (30/45′)

FOURTH PART: each one of us will record a short audio file following the facilitator’s indications… and they’ll be put together as our own playful creation! This part will last one day (or more, depending on the participants).

FIFTH PART: presentation of the audio to all the participants in video-meeting and greetings.


This hybrid session will begin today at 14:30 CET.

Half an hour of musical activation all together and then everybody will have time to create offline their own stuff, that will be merged into a unique piece of collaborative music.

This is the link for Zoom meeting:

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 912 0072 1861
Password: 0000

See you!

Milka Panayotova Start time Saturday 15.30 CET (2.30 pm UK)


We will share “Trust your Sense!” games for you to play with your friends, your children, your grandparents and whoever is within reach.

Do you like surprises? Have you ever wondered what it’d be like to see with your hands?

Have you ever made a drawing with your eyes closed?

Prepare a blindfold and join in!

We will have two zoom meetings of half an hour each, on two different days. In between those meetings is where all the magic will take place, so you will have the chance to experiment and embark on an exploration journey wherever and with whoever you like, for as long as you like.

Meeting 1: hands on instructions on how to play “Trust your sense!”. We will try a few things together, then you’ll choose when and where to play off-line.

Meeting 2: We meet again to share our explorations and feedback using images, words and body!

Spoiler alert: Our zoom meetings will be visual whereas games will involve lots of blind folding business, so be prepared!

16.00 cet (3 pm UK) Playfulness in Adults Scientific Research Survey 2020
Jeanne Cadwallader, Leslie Frazier, Kathy Lubbers


Bart Durand Free in Time

Share your Bubble.

Make bubbles (with soap, your drink, your dinner, other stuff or your imagination) when offline, photograph (or draw or make video of) them and share by posting it on the forum. It will give us something to do, to remember and connect if we are off line during the festival.


Kathryn Wilkins Free in Time

Creating random rocks of kindness, a community game of happiness hide and seek. 

When you uplift others, the delightful side effect is YOU feel amazing!⁣⁣⁣

⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣

Are you looking for playful ways to support your community during social distancing?⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣How about sneaky missions and positivity bombs designed to make your neighbors’ day.⁣⁣⁣


Get in on the fun throughout the festival and beyond- use the tutorial to make your own rocks, snap photos of where you hide them, post the location and watch for where they end up next.

Click here to download instructions

Katherine Smith Free in Time

Do you know how to make a jam sandwich? Walk down the street? Touch your toes? This time, you’re being asked to do these things in a ‘To How’ way! What’s a ‘To How’ way? It’s a way of focusing on the process of the instruction rather than its result. There will be 5 ‘To How’ prompts that come spaced out throughout the festival on the festival forum. Participants are invited to make and post ‘To How’ TEN SECOND videos to demonstrate their ‘To How’ methods. This might look like you carrying out the instruction as normal but with a strong focus on the process. It might look totally different. It might look serious, it might look funny. Whatever it looks like, the important thing is a focus on the doing.


Natasha Blok Free in Time

Come out to play

Competition during the festival that brings the magic and play of the festival out of our computer, out of our homes and into the community… our gardens and on our windows, pavements and parks to invite curiosity and connection with our neighbours. To get to know one another better through play.

Points given for interactions with the local community, such as interested glances, all the way through to full on play interactions. How can we spread the joy of the festival into these pockets across the world so that more people know about Giocosamente Festival and then 2021 is the year where everyone is banging at the door to attend in person.

Invitation to create a playful display in our windows and gardens to our neighbours that builds over the festival and share it after in photos/videos/stories of what happened.

Creating an evolving piece of art across the cities, countries and nations that shows what makes us smile and brings us joy and spreading it.

The cumulative piece could evolve with each workshop someone attends could inspire a picture or introduce an ornament of curiosity to be added and invite the neighbours we live with to enquire and follow their curiosity…