- Fabio Bisotti

Fabio Bisotti

Short layful Bio:

I like to say that in life I am a bearer of G.I.O.I.A .: game, irony, opportunity, imagination, harmony. So I bring these 5 elements into groups, organizations, companies, schools, etc., combining them with the disciplines on which I am trained, that is: social theater, art therapy, expressive counseling, laughter yoga.


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Why does the world need playfulness?

The world needs this because it is one of the social, relational and learning channels that allows you to feel connected, light, whole and energetic. It allows us to activate ourselves in a healthy way and move our energies with more sense, being playfulness universal and ancestral heritage.

Workshop on playfulness or proposed happenings in public or both?

Both, to evaluate how.


At Giocamente we are looking for various seminars that have a playful way of guiding them. They could be subjects that are often taught seriously but you have a playful approach. They may also be right for the joy of playing. You could have many ideas, choose something that tickles you and it’s playful for you!

Title of the proposal

Playfight, Matteo Tangi Lineage

Are you proposing a playful approach for children or adults?

Mainly for adults

Duration of the laboratory

90 mins

Short description

Authenticity, Game, Fight, Connection – play the fight with the only rule of not doing and getting hurt. The purpose is to connect.

Long description of the laboratory

What is Playfight?

Playfight is to make the fight consciously and playfully. It is knowing yourself and others through the safe and responsible use of your strength. It is a way of solving conflicts and overcoming fears and limits through the use of the physical, mental and emotional body.
Playfight was born from the fusion between struggle and mindfullness. The struggle to involve the body and one’s strength in a safe and respectful way. Awareness to observe what happens on a deeper level. What emotions are triggered and understand how it is possible to play (life) in a different way.

Why Playfight?

When we practice game-struggle, we open a space where we can find our inner warrior. A space where the intention is to connect with your body, your strength and our flow, keeping in touch with the warrior with whom we are doing Playfight.
The concept is very simple and accessible to anyone. Probably thanks to its simplicity, this beautiful ritual allows us to “feel” more and be more present. It gives us the opportunity to experience the joy that comes from connecting us at the same time with our strength, our benevolence and the authenticity of the person we deal with.