Elisa Barachetti

Short layful Bio:

I like to say that in life I am a bearer of G.I.O.I.A .: game, irony, opportunity, imagination, harmony. So I bring these 5 elements into groups, organizations, companies, schools, etc., combining them with the disciplines on which I am trained, that is: social theater, art therapy, expressive counseling, laughter yoga.


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Why does the world need playfulness?

Because the human being, in the first three years of life, builds skills and personality through play and relationship; when you forget to be a playing creature, that’s when the trouble begins! Recovering the attitude to play means finding within yourself very important skills and resources that had been forgotten. Learning to play means learning to be resilient!

Workshop on playfulness or proposed happenings in public or both?



At Giocamente we are looking for various seminars that have a playful way of guiding them. They could be subjects that are often taught seriously but you have a playful approach. They may also be right for the joy of playing. You could have many ideas, choose something that tickles you and it’s playful for you!

Title of the proposal

The sound body

Are you proposing a playful approach for children or adults?

Mainly for adults

Duration of the laboratory

90 mins

Short description

We have a wonderful musical instrument always at hand, which can connect us to others and create harmony: it is our body!

Long description of the laboratory

The word “person” comes from the Latin – for sonar – and means “through resonating”.
We are therefore people as resonance chests of our existences, emotions, stories … The laboratory aims to express their own stories and emotions, through the body used as a musical instrument, soloist but above all as a part of the interior of an orchestra of bodies!
We will experiment ourselves starting from the sounds of the breath-movement rhythm, passing through the “mammalingua” up to the Gibberish sound (meaningless language in which the body and the mimicry are the masters).
All through theatrical and playful techniques, without ever using words of complete sense but with a great deal of good humor!