About the Creator

of the Festival

Playfulness: the unexpected answer.

In 2018 when Anthony Trahair was doing some deep soul searching he asked himself, after all the experiences and skills I’ve acquired, what can I GIVE BACK to the world. 

The answer was an unexpected one to him and less unexpected to others. PLAYFULNESS.

Anthony had never thought of playfulness as a thing in itself. And there it was the thing that he saw was often missing in his life and was definitely missing in most of the situations around him. Surrounded in an ocean of seriousness that was drowning his life force Anthony decided to do something about this. He read books and books on the topic from Bernie de Koven to Stuart Brown and many many others. He created a four week online course into Playfulness to fund a trip to one of the greatest playfulness festivals in the world, the Counterplay Festival in Denmark. Anthony made it there and met many others that valued play in the world. 

He started up a podcast called The PlayfuLife Podcast, interviewing playful people from all over the world.

Strong with this experience and realising that Playfulness is best practised in company Anthony organised the first edition of Giocosamente in his beautiful mediaeval village in Italy. This year the festival is set in nature and we will spend one of the days playing in a castle all for ourselves!

Learn more about Anthony, The Playfulness Catalyst on his website www.anthonytrahair.com and instagram