18-21 July
Agricamping Pianeta Verde


Let’s tackle some challenges once and forever!

  • How can you bring playfulness and humour into relationships and situations to really increase the quality of your life?
  • How can you use playfulness to find creative solutions to problems that once seemed insurmountable?

What if cultivating playfulness in your life was the best gift you could give yourself and others around you?

During the
re-treat you’ll:

  • Dive into a variety of activities taking you on a journey into playfulness exploring different levels of energy from peacefully playful to the exhilaration of deep fun
  • Identify your play personality to understand what play means to you and what activities are most suited to you
  • Dive into your own special sense of humour
  • Learn mini-practices to bust worry and stress at home
  • Experience the power of transformational playful vocabulary and engage with life at a more rewarding level
  • Explore posture and movement patterns to live in a playful state
In short, we will play and learn a lot! 🙂

Wouldn’t it be great if you were
rooted in playfulness even in
your most challenging times?

Perhaps you’ve been immersed in the playful atmosphere of Giocosamente Festival** and having learnt many amazing things, met inspiring people and found that incredible authentic human part of yourself. You’ll be inspired to make some changes in your life.

If you’re like me you might well ask yourself, “How can I integrate this playful energy even back in my regular day-to-day life made of routines, duties, demands from others and ourselves, deadlines and have-to-do’s?

Nobody wants to go back to the uninspired struggle of their regular routine, so let’s keep the momentum going so you can live an incredible quality of life. 

Imagine your business improving, your family life more fun and loving and enjoying a vibrant health.

What would be possible if you could integrate more playfulness into your everyday life?

This is exactly what we’ll find out
in this special after-festival
playful re-treat held by Anthony Trahair.
Taking Playfulness Home.


Places limited to 30 participants

Early Bird Registration 350€ from 7 April
Regular Registration after 17 April 380€

30 euro discount for who also takes part in the festival

In English and Italian

If you have any questions lease contact me here: 


Thanks, Anthony

**Pssss if you missed the festival or couldn’t find a ticket you can still join the re-treat without having taken part in the festival. The first day is all about building community and making sure that everyone is welcome. Everyone is going to have a good time.

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